Acute Cardiac Care 2023

Acute Cardiac Care 2023
Dear Colleagues

The field of acute cardiac care is evolving promptly, as the population ages and the patients are becoming more complex and challenging, however our medical capabilities have improved accordingly.

We are happy to invite you to the 13th International Conference on Acute Cardiac Care 2023. Come and be a part of the worldwide community at this exciting era, share late-breaking science and enrich your skills and knowledge at these critical cardiac topics.

This conference, held under the auspices of the ESC Association for Acute Cardiovascular Care (ACVC) and Israeli Heart Association (IHS), has become one of the leading scientific events worldwide on this topic.

During the conference we will cover the contemporary practice of acute coronary syndrome patients, acute heart failure including urgent percutaneous interventions, emergent life-threatening arrhythmias, acute pulmonary embolism, emergency imaging in acute cardiac care and the collaboration with the EMS field crews.

The Acute Cardiac Care 2023 conference is intended for all emergency-cardiac personnel, including emergency medicine, cardiac surgeons, internists, and especially for cardiologists specializing in intensive and acute cardiac care, clinical cardiology, invasive and non-invasive cardiology, as well as intensive and acute cardiac care nurses, and emergency medicine personnel (paramedics and EMT’s).

Our rich and encompassing program, which contains lectures, debates and hand-on practice, guided by the leading investigators and clinicians at this field, will ensure the participants a meaningful learning experience.

We look forward to see you at the conference in Tel Aviv on July 9-11, 2023.


Prof. Yonathan Hasin

Prof. Joseph S. Alpert                     Prof. Shlomi Matetzky                         Prof. Roy Beigel
Co-Chairman                                 Co-Chairman                                               Co-Chairman