‘Molar Incisor Hypomineralization’ (MIH), is a highly prevalent condition affecting the dental health of children. The available data on prevalence of Molar Incisor Hypomineralization (MIH) is limited and at present there is no uniform and reliable way to record it. MIH is a multi-factorial condition, and there is an apprehensible need of collaboration between dentistry and other medical specialties in order to understand the problem unambiguously. The primary purpose of AMIT is to record the extent of the problem world-wide and to investigate the aetiology; thus, facilitating the management of MIH by appropriate prevention and treatment.

The conference will be the first ever international opportunity to exchange distinct information and discuss on this ever-increasing oral health problem in children. It aims to bring together leading scientists from different disciplines, researchers, clinicians and dental industry partners from around the globe to discuss, formulate and agree on internationally accepted guidelines on the clinical management of MIH.

  • Epidemiology of MIH
  • Etiology of MIH
  • Histological, Structural and Mechanical Characteristics of MIH-Affected Enamel
  • Diagnostics of MIH
  • Remineralization, Prophylaxis and Desensitizing of MIH-Affected Teeth
  • Pain Control of MIH-Affected Teeth
  • Sealing of MIH-Affected Teeth
  • Filling of MIH-Affected Teeth: Direct, Indirect, Temporary
  • Orthodontic Treatment of MIH
  • Hypo Mineralized Primary Teeth