Enjoy Berlin

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is one of Berlin’s most important monuments, a landmark and symbol with over two hundred years of history. Hardly any other sight is on so many tourist selfies as the great sandstone gate in the heart of the city. The Brandenburg Gate used to be memorial of division – after the construction of the Berlin Wall, it was located in the restricted area and could not be visited by East or West Germans. After the fall of the Wall, the gate became a symbol of German unity.

Berlin Television Tower

The Berlin Television Tower, which is known to locals as the Fernsehturm, and is instantly recognisable from the distance, stand outs of the skyline at 368m, making it the tallest building and by far highest tourist attraction in Berlin. Built in the 1960s, visitors to the tower can enjoy a unique 360° panorama of the city.

Berlin Cathedral

The magnificent Neo-Renaissance building is situated in the heart of the capital, in the vicinity of the Lustgarten park. With its imposing architecture, four towers, almost 100-metre-high dome and golden cross, the building is visible from far away and has established itself as of one of Berlin’s great landmarks. The direct vicinity is also home to world cultural heritage destinations such as Museum Island, the Deutsches Historisches Museum (German Historical Museum) and the new Humboldt Forum in the Berlin Palace (Berliner Schloss)

Berlin Wall Memorial

In the heart of Germany’s capital city, the Berlin Wall Memorial is the central memorial site recalling German division. Located at a site fraught with history on Bernauer Strasse, it extends along 1.4 kilometers of the former border strip. The construction of the Wall put a violent end to everyday life on Bernauer Strasse, leaving traces that are still visible today. The only section of the Berlin Wall to be preserved in its full depth, allowing visitors to see the various elements of the border strip as it looked at the end of the 1980s, stands on the grounds of the Berlin Wall Memorial.

Reichstag Building

The dome on the Reichstag in Berlin is one of Waagner-Biro’s most prestigious projects. It is an architectural landmark, designed by Foster and Partners, and also a technical masterpiece. The brief was to create a symbol of democracy and freedom in this historically significant structure; an idea which runs through the entire building. The steel and glass structure allows viewers to look directly into the chamber of the German Bundestag. The passage of natural light highlights the transparency of government and its openness to its citizens. The light is directed by 30 rows of mirrors. Each row has 12 mirrors directed into the chamber 10 metres below.

The Holocaust Memorial

The Holocaust Memorial consists of an undulating field of 2711 concrete steles, which can be passed through from all sides. While walking between the columns of different heights and the labyrinthine corridors, visitors may experience a brief moment of disorientation, which should open up space for discussion. Beneath the memorial is the Information Centre, which documents the crimes of the Nazi era in themed rooms.

Hackescher Markt

Hackescher Markt is a real highlight of city life in the Mitte neighborhood of Berlin, with art galleries and an Old Town side that are worth seeing. What’s more, the spot continues to be a popular place for local art and graffiti, and remains a landmark for impressive architecture.

Shopping in Berlin

No wishes remain unfulfilled in Berlin. Aside from boasting a hypnotizing nightlife, a buzzing art scene, and restaurants representing every cuisine in the world, the German capital spoils travelers with one of the best retail experiences in Europe. Shopping, by the way, is as much a highlight as the city itself!
A veritable epicenter of cool, Berlin flaunts more than just big-name shopping centers. Throughout the city, you’ll find streets brimming with sleek boutiques, quirky flea markets, and creative thrift stores that make the city a definite shopping destination for every taste, style, and budget.